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Roy Alba of

          At Rest

36" X 24" X 3/16", birch board, oil, $170 includes shipping in USA and Canada

The painting is entitled At Rest. On July 21, 1936, Pan American signed a contract for six Model 314s, the first of which made its initial sea run on Puget Sound on May 31, 1938, and made its inaugural flight on June 7, 1938. When it made its appearance, the Model 314 flying-boat was the largest civil aircraft in service. The Boeing 314 weighed 40 tons and the first block ordered cost $550,000 per aircraft. On June 28 ,1939, Pan American inaugurated the first regular passenger service from New York to Southampton, via Newfoundland. Twenty-two privileged passengers had the option of paying $375 one-way (about $4,000 in today's money) or $675 return (about $7,000 or $8,000, or twice Concorde levels). The Yankee Clipper opened the northern passenger route on July 8, 1939, carrying 17 passengers at the same fare. The golden age of the commercial flying-boats was abruptly interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War in Europe on September 3, 1939. With the progress made in developing long-range landplanes during WW II, the last Boeing 314 was retired from Pan American World Airways in 1946. They were then used by various small charter companies and not withdrawn from service until 1950. The song is Island In The Sun by Weezer.

The Greatest Singer of All Time...
...Great Britain's Sarah Brightman

When I decided to dedicate this web site to The Greatest Generation I thought I would mostly play 1940's music from the time they were young. Also, the salute I gave to the pretty lady with the magical voice wasn't yet born, nor were many of us.  I still paint to her music and thought which musician could inspire more than Sarah Brightman and her orchestra? She has so many songs I could still pick them to go with the 1940's scenes. This web site gives credit where its due. Why not tell the truth and at the same time give credit to the generation that so well deserves it?

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