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Roy Alba of


36" X 24" X 5/8", stretched canvas, oil

The painting is entitled Guardian. He was U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Richard Gilbert. He was a hydraulics mechanic on the RB-47. I was asked to paint this by his active duty Air Force grandson. During the early part of the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force needed an aircraft to gather information about Soviet air defense radar systems, including details like their location, range and coverage. The electronic reconnaissance 602 mile per hour RB-47H, developed from the B-47E, met this requirement, and Boeing completed the first 3,935 mile ranged RB-47H in 1955. Flying in radio silence at night along -- and sometimes over at 38,850 feet-- the border of the Soviet Union and other communist nations, RB-47Hs collected essential intelligence about the size and capability of Soviet air defense radar networks. The need for this information and the relatively small number of RB-47Hs forced crews to spend much of their time deployed to places around the world, away from their homes at Forbes Air Force Base, Kan. The RB-47H continued in service until the more capable RC-135 replaced it in the mid-1960s. The song is Fanfare for the Common Man by the U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command Band.

The Greatest Singer of All Time...
...Great Britain's Sarah Brightman

When I decided to dedicate this web site to The Greatest Generation I thought I would mostly play 1940's music from the time they were young. Also, the salute I gave to the pretty lady with the magical voice wasn't yet born, nor were many of us.  I still paint to her music and thought which musician could inspire more than Sarah Brightman and her orchestra? She has so many songs I could still pick them to go with the 1940's scenes. This web site gives credit where its due. Why not tell the truth and at the same time give credit to the generation that so well deserves it?

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