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18" X 24" X 3/16", masonite, oil, $150, free shipping in USA & Canada

The Hawker Hurricane was developed by Sidney Camm.  Although outperformed by the German Bf 109 fighter, the Hawker Hurricane out performed the German Me 110 and Italian CR32 and CR 42; and was effective against enemy bombers. Hawker Hurricane pilots claimed 1,593 of the 2,739 victories claimed by the RAF in the Battle of Britain. It was upgraded but could not keep pace with the introduction of the German Fw 190 fighter and the F version of the Me 109 fighter, so by 1942 the Hawker Hurricane was often relegated to the role of ground attack fighter-bomber. The first prototype Hurricane flew on November 6th 1935.

In was in the Battle of Britain that the Hurricane made its mark. The battle is frequently  associated with the Spitfire, but the Hurricane played a major role in this battle. The Hurricane, though less graceful and slower than the Spitfire, was more a shire horse; incredibly strong and capable of taking many hits before it was taken out. On August 8th, 1940, the RAF could call on 32 squadrons of Hurricanes and 19 of Spitfires. Therefore, the Hurricane was the dominant British plane in this battle. The Hurricane had:
Crew: 1
Maximum speed: 328 mph (550 km/h) at 22,000 feet (6705 meters)
Ceiling: 36,500 feet (11,125 metres)
Range: 480 miles (772 km)
Armaments: 8 x 0.303 machine guns.
The song is Theme From "The Battle of Britain" .

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