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Roy Alba of

              STANAVO Birds

18" X 24" X 5/8", stretched canvas, oil, $200, free shipping in USA & Canada

It's entitled "STANAVO Birds". Much of the development of aviation was fostered by corporations who had some stake in its success. The large oil companies were huge supporters of aviation and as such, many aircraft could be seen in striking colors that advertised the sponsor. One of the greatest aircraft paint jobs from that period is this fabulous Lockheed Vega in a "STANAVO" or Standard Aviation Oil eagle paint job in the early 1930's. Stanavo was Standard Oil's aviation arm. Many oil companies spent considerable effort in attracting aviation customers. The corporate aircraft used by these companies were traveling “billboards” advertising brand names.  The Vega is the same aircraft type used by the famous Wiley Post to set a number of altitude and speed records and was also flown by Amela Earhart. First flown in 1927, the Vega is considered one of aviation's milestone aircraft. It's accompanied by The Cab Calloway song "Avalon".

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